HTC Vive Experience

HTC Vive Headset

Following quite a while of betas, models and demos, virtual the truth arrives. There are five primary approaches to appreciate virtual reality – or VR – right now. Every gadget is gone for various markets, with an assortment of various costs to suit distinctive spending plans, the distance from HTC Vive down to Google Cardboard.

HTC Vive sits at the highest point of the VR tree, above Oculus Rift as far as what you can do out of the container. Both gadgets need a capable PC to run them as opposed to a console or cell telephone, however Vive bolsters full development inside of a particular space, offering a more extensive scope of potential outcomes than numerous different units.

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What Is Human’s Brain Memory Capacity?

Human Brain

The human mind might have the capacity to hold as much data in its memory as is contained on the whole Internet, new research proposes.

Specialists found that, not at all like an established PC that codes data as 0s and 1s, a mind cell utilizes 26 unique approaches to code its “bits.” They ascertained that the cerebrum could store 1 petabyte (or a quadrillion bytes) of data.

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Tesla Powerwall 2 Review

Tesla Powerwall 2

On the off chance that you were considering getting Tesla’s $3,000 Powerwall, you might need to hold up until summer.

Tesla reported another home battery framework the previous spring that took the vitality sparing scene by tempest, yet now the electric carmaker has started to tease an “adaptation two”. Powerwall is fundamentally a home battery intended to be matched with housetop galaxies. Inside of a month of appearing, Tesla had gotten 38,000 pre-orders, with a few clients holding more than one battery.

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Latest In Furnace Technology

Home heating

Is it appropriate time to consider replacing the furnace? If you are going to search for a new set before the fall, there are some of the recent advances in the its technology that should be considered. Probably the most effective and advanced heating system offers a number of advantages including maximum comfort and energy savings over the life of a heating system. If you have any questions about the appropriate furnace system for your home, personal heating engineer is necessary to answer them and help you bring a decision that suits you perfectly.

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What About New Galaxy S7?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 packs an assortment of new elements and capacities, and in addition some returning top choices, similar to a microSD opening. One of the all the more fascinating parts of the declaration, in any case, was Samsung’s assertion that the S7 would utilize fluid cooling. Ordinarily, fluid cooling summons pictures of an outside radiator piece and fluid repository, or if nothing else a coordinated close-circle liquid cooler (CLLC).

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Sony’s New Xperia Models In Summer 2016

Sonny Xperia

Sony on Monday reported a tasteful re-marking of its Xperia image at MWC in Barcelona, and uncovered an all-new X arrangement of cell phones. Under the new X-arrangement, Sony propelled Xperia X (seen above), Xperia X Performance and Xperia XA cell phones. The organization says that the fresh out of the plastic new Xperia X arrangement will embody Sony Mobile’s image vision for the “fate of correspondences, with surrounding associated gadgets fit for changing the way you communicate with the world.”

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The Gear 360 Camera From Samsung

360 Camera

The future will be shot in 360 degrees.
Samsung joins LG and others in reporting at MWC 2016 another and smaller camera that is equipped for taping everything on account of two lenses. Called the Gear 360, the little circle is intended to sit on a table or tripod or even swung from an automaton and catch 360 degrees of video — you know, content ideal for survey on your Gear VR.

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It’s official. Hoverboards are not safe.


The Hoverboard you have just bought is a potential death trap!

We are not saying that. The US government is.

Hoverboards “represent an unreasonable risk of fire,” importers and retailers with do no meet voluntary safety standards, the Consumer Product Safety Commission in a letter to manufacturers in the US on Thursday. No hoverboard on the market today meets these standards, ranging from electric systems to labeling.

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Smart Watches More Popular Than Swiss Watches?

Smart Watch

The timely Swiss watchmaking industry may have a problem with smartwatches.

Smartwatches shipments all over the world have surpassed those of Swiss watches in the last quarter of 2015. Smartwatches have outpaced their luxury counterparts for the first time since these high-tech devices are in the market. Most of the credit goes to Apple,of course, as published by the market research company which is following smartwatches sales since its launch during April 2015.

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